We looked at a picture on the screen. Michelle quickly stated that she recognised the picture. She has been there before. There were many animals there.

Felix recognised the writing on the sign and said “ZOO!”

Yes, the word Zoo was at the beginning of the word. The place we were planning to visit is called ‘ZOONANA’.

We had a few pictures of Zoonana. We first looked at the pictures to see what animas we might see on our visit. The children called out the names in English and Mandarin.

They shared their thinking and ideas:

  • Jiwon “We like fish.” (in Korean)
  • Yoochan “Only looking at the crocodile.”
  • Leming “We can’t put our hands into the mouth of the crocodile because he might bite.” (in Mandarin)
  • Bruce “If you see the skunk, then you have to hold your nose so they are not smelly.” (in Mandarin)
  • Sarah “People cannot touch crocodiles because crocodile can eat people’s fingers and people’s fingers are cut.

  • Nina “We can’t put our hands in wolf. Because if we put our hand in wolf he will bite us.”
  • Michelle “I have a good question. Can we go to the Zoonana, can we pick up (take) we clothes and do drawing there? And we can feed the bird?”

  • Teacher “Why do you want to draw when you are there?
  • Michelle “Because I want to draw the bird.”

Everyone thought it was a good choice.

  • Felix “We have to stay where the other kids are, you don’t go loose (get lost).

Everyone agreed that the children should stay together.

  • Sebastian said he likes the “Fish and birds and they say peek, peek, peek.
  • Yoochan helped Jiwon share her ideas. Jiwon said she liked to see the rabbits. Sebastian agreed.
  • Nina “I like the rabbits.”
  • Yoochan wondered if there were owls.
  • Teacher “I wonder how we can get to Zoonana?”
  • Michelle “With the school bus.”

We recalled signing up to go on the bus. A group of children from PreK-K1B came by a while ago to collect the data, to see how many busses we needed to order. They have booked the bus for us.

We talked about the things we will need to take on the bus. Our lunch and a water bottle. We knew some parents will join us on the trip to help us stay safe and have fun as we learn about animals; how they grow and change and what they need to survive.

  • Felix “Do we going to take our own bag?”

We agreed that the children will take their own bags. We talked about the journey, how we travel on the bus, that we need to wear our seatbelts and not run away from the adults.

  • Teacher “What else can we do to stay safe?”
  • Michelle “We can hold hands. We hold hands with our teachers and friends.
  • Sarah “All mummies and daddies are going too?”

We reminded the children that only some of the parents will join us on the trip. But we knew that this was ok.

We are excited about our trip…we wonder what we might learn on our visit. 

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