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Writing – The Fire Alarm!

We can we write our own stories!

What tools can we use to make our writing better? 

The ‘Writer’s Tool Box’ resources are available through teacher’s pet.

We started by deciding what to write about. We needed to decide if we wanted a watermelon, slice or seed idea

The students provided suggestions. Edits were made along the way, as we included and excluded ideas that improved our piece of writing. 

We put our ideas down on chart paper as we decided. 

We know that every great story starts with a good idea. To help us stay focused, we made sketches and labeled our quick ideas. We numbered our pictures, to help us as we write about events as they happened.

We discussed the setting, characters and important events. We included details by discussing and sharing what we remembered about the event.

The students decided on how they wanted to start each sentence.

We made changes as we discussed the story.

We tried different and interesting words. Using our senses helped us recall important details that we wanted to share with our readers.

We were mindful of our punctuation. Where do we need to include speech marks, exclamation marks and periods (full stops)?

The discussions helped us improve our writing.

While writing the story, we made many changes. We crossed out words we did not want, and inserted words we thought made our sentences flow. As the whole class was involved in the writing process, we had to listen to others and build on each others suggestions. When we were done, we could see a clear beginning, middle and end to our story.We thought it sounded interesting and hope our readers will enjoy it!


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