In “The Innovator’s Mindset,” I share the following:

There are two reasons I share this quote with you that I have been thinking about, and although the ideas might seem different, they are connected.

1. The more opportunity we can bring students in on the solutions for what schools are going through now and what they are trying to create in the present and the future, the better. 

I love this from Dr. Mary Hemphill’s incredible book, “The One-Minute Meeting: Creating Student Stakeholders in Schools“:

“When students are positioned to experience, discuss, and analyze their experiences as learners, thinkers, and stakeholders in the school, change happens from the inside out.”

Dr. Mary Hemphill

If we want students to become leaders in the future, the best opportunity to do that is to ensure that they are provided opportunities to lead right now.

2. As I look at that quote from “The Innovator’s Mindset,” and think of this part in particular:

To wonder.

To explore.

To become leaders.

That idea should not be limited to students, but it is something that we should want for all staff.  In fact, if you want that to be the norm for students, it has to be commonplace for the entire school community.  If we want to empower leadership from our students but expect only compliance from our staff, the vision is simply words on paper with no meaning.

I also share this quote from the book in hopes of what I was trying to achieve in writing it in the first place:

Note: My intention with this book is not to tell you what your vision for education should be. Rather, my hope is that you will work with your community to understand and meet their unique needs, while embracing the opportunities for teaching and learning that are at your fingertips. It’s about innovating within your school or organization— something no one knows better than you and your community.

The organizations that I have watched deal with their current situation the best are the ones that have created solutions not only for their community but also with their community.  It is much easier to be behind a solution or a plan if people had a part in creating a way forward. 

Empowering our community to “wonder, explore, and lead” together, is always the best solution toward creating opportunities no matter the obstacles we face.

P.S.  I am excited to be a part of the “SMART360 Educator Celebration” this Thursday, October 8!

There are a lot of great sessions and I am excited to be one of the speakers for the event (amongst many). My keynote will be at 7 pm EDT on October 8, and you can register for the event here for free! 

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