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Why a College Degree Isn’t All you Need to Be Successful

A generation ago, it was a given that a college degree was the best way to increase the likelihood of a high-paying job but this is no longer the case. Employers don’t just want to know that you have a degree but that you can actually do the job. 

A degree means you have achieved scholastically but the current academic curriculum does not teach many of the skills necessary to succeed and thrive in a career. Today there are also many high-value non-degree educational opportunities that can lead to a successful career. 

A college degree doesn’t teach you certain life skills

When you come out of college, you may think that you know everything but there are a number of skills your degree won’t have taught you. It is quite different to learn about something than to do it. The only way you learn to do many things is to observe how they’re done rather than just learn about them. 

Nowadays, you can find online courses to teach you many skills, including those you may have missed out on in college, like communication and listening skills. At Difference.Guru, you can find clear, simple explanations of the differences many people have trouble grasping. For example, you can learn about the difference between a supervisor and a manager and what these roles entail. 

A college degree doesn’t teach you how to find and land a job

You may think that your college degree entitles you to a good job with high pay. If the expected income you will make with your career choice is high, and tuition is affordable, then college is often well worth your while. However, almost 50% of students who start a bachelor’s degree don’t finish it and student loan debt is often a crippling burden for those who do graduate. 

Your college degree won’t teach you how to find a job, apply for a job, build a resume and cover letter, go through the interview process and understand employment contracts. You can learn all of this yourself by going online, where you will find plenty of information that will help you to land a good job

A college degree doesn’t teach you how to be an entrepreneur

You may come out of college and think that you’re ready to start your own business. If you have entrepreneurial skills, they can take you far today but your college degree won’t necessarily teach you how to be your own boss. There are many successful entrepreneurs today who do not have a college degree. 

Attending college has become the socially acceptable path for people to take but the problem with the college equals success equation is that an academic education is not the answer for everyone. 

Some people have an entrepreneurial mindset from an early age, like Richard Branson, and others can have all the degrees in the world but not have the tenacity and other traits they need to succeed as entrepreneurs that come from handling the ups and downs of real-life experience. 

A college degree does not guarantee a high income

There aren’t many college degrees that pave the way to six-figure incomes on their own. It can happen but there are those who earn six-figure incomes without having a degree. 

A number of high-paying industries, such as technology, are more interested in skills than in a degree. Bill Gates is just one very successful person who does not have a college degree. Of course, a college degree can be beneficial but having one does not automatically guarantee success.