We began by brainstorming what good writers do. Students made connections with ideas and strategies shared by the group, to help them develop their own identities as writers.

Next, the students began to brainstorm topics, themes, and ideas that they would like to write about. They included this information in their ‘Writers Workshop Folder’.

Through discussion, the students identified goals for writing. As the weeks progress, they will reflect on these goals to help them strengthen their identities as writers and communicators.

During quiet writing time, the students practice their writing skills. They think, plan, draft, and write. They revise, edit, and make plans to publish their final pieces of work.

Through this process, they learn to appreciate and understand that a good piece of writing takes time and effort.

Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

Communication Skills – Writing

  • use appropriate forms of writing for different purposes and audiences
  • use a variety of scaffolding for writing tasks
  • organize information logically

Self-management Skills – Organisation

  • set goals that are challenging and realistic
  • use time effectively and appropriately
  • understand and use learning preferences
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