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What You Shouldn’t Do When Sending Sympathy Flowers

What do you say to someone who has just lost a loved one? Truth is, there are no right words because a personal loss is exactly that; a personal experience. 

Of course, there are generic terms and phrases such as “sorry for your loss” or “thoughts and prayers” but sometimes they can seem outright insufficient to communicate the range of emotions that you want to convey. 

After all, your goal is to support a loved one who is going through something very traumatic, so you want to make sure that whatever you say is able to bring them the comfort they need. 

When words are insufficient, gifts come in handy to help you say that which you cannot say with words. One such gift is sympathy flowers. You can use sympathy flowers as a way to show your loved ones that you feel for them during their time of dealing with loss. 

However, you can’t just pick up flowers from your local shop and call it a day. You want to be deliberate and thoughtful when picking out flowers and for best results, be sure to work with an experienced florist to pick out the best flower arrangement. 

Here are some things to avoid when sending sympathy flowers to help you avoid the worst faux pas. 

Sending the Wrong Arrangement

The days of the funeral are disappearing as people are opting for life celebrations instead. This is a way of viewing death in a positive light and is in line with a lot of people’s religious beliefs about life after death. 

But, you’re here to learn about flowers and how they come into this equation is that in most cases the family of the deceased are the ones to purchase flowers and make the flower arrangements. 

Close family members or extended family members may also send sympathy flowers and sprays as a way to show their solidarity with the family of the deceased. 

Forgetting the Card Message

While it might be difficult to find the right words to say when a loved one has experienced a loss, it is polite to make sure that your flowers are accompanied by a card with a special message. 

This should be a thoughtful message that is short and sweet, and it should include the name of the family as well as your name or the name of your family as well if you are sending it on behalf of all of you. 

This will let the recipients know who the flowers are from and the thought behind the gift will be apparent too. 

Sending Flowers Only to the Funeral

Funerals typically happen a week after the death of the deceased and in some traditions one day or a few days after the passing. 

The time moves so quickly that it can be a challenging and chaotic time for the whole family of the deceased, therefore it is helpful to send the flowers as soon as possible after the passing. 

If you happen to miss the funeral due to how quickly things move during this time, then you can always send floral arrangements after. It is never too late.