Tyson created a picture of his grandfather using ‘shapes’ (loose parts).

Teacher “What shapes do you see?”

The children began to name the shapes they saw. Circles, squares, half circles, which looked like the moon.

Felix pointed to the lines, there were red, orange and blue. Some are teeny, and some are super long said the children.

We decided to sort and count the shapes. We created a graph to help us document the information collected.

Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

Thinking Skills


• Observe carefully.

• Find unique characteristics.


• Organize information.

Research Skills

Data gathering and documenting

• Gather information

• Record observations—drawing, charting, tallying—using emergent writing skills

Synthesizing and interpreting

• Sort and categorize information and materials; arrange into forms or order, for example, with graphs, marks or symbols using emergent writing skills.

• Analyse and interpret information.

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