We documented our initial ideas about structures

  • Seolah “Like a building. Like a bridge.” 
  • Yuchan “Some building that is manmade.”
  • Hyun Seo “It can be high and low and it is like a building.”    
  • Agata “A structure can be a tower.”  
  • Lawrence “Something that is manmade to help people.”  
  • Ethan “Some structures are hard to break.”  
  • Seungbin: Structure is like a building.
  • Amber: Structures sometimes can be tall. They build it to be tall.
  • Eirinn: Structures can be small or tall.
  • Ella: It’s something that people build to go in or to look at.
  • Fedo: Structures can have different shapes.
  • Yuki: Structure is building.
  • Gihyeon “Something that a car can go on, it can go somewhere like over the river or ocean. We can go to in the elevator and up to the tower.  
  • Hayoon “Can be a tower or a building or a castle and bridges.”  
  • Alejandra “Like a building that people can go in and play or eat. Then you can stay in the same place without leaving the building. You need a ticket to go into Disneyland. That castle is only for looking and playing inside. Kids and adults might want to know what an actual castle looks like in real life so then they want to go in. You can do some activities in there.”  
  • Diego “A place that people need structures because they want to live in there like a hotel. If they go to another county then they can live in a hotel.  
  • Grace “Something hard or something can go inside or something you cannot go inside. Disney castle is a structure you can go into. You can’t go into structures to rest and eat snacks like the Eiffel tower.  

Next, listened to the story ‘Iggy Peck, Architect‘ by Andrea Beaty. 

Then, we continued to add to our ideas.   

  • Seolah “Like a famous building.” 
  • Yuchan “A model of something.  
  • Hyun Seo “Something is manmade and they use materials to make it.”    
  • Agata “A building could be a model. They might be building cities for other people to go into the structures. They can be outside the city. If you are in a city and close to the building you can go there easily but if you need to go into a building you need to travel to a city.”  
  • Lawrence “It can help people to cross the ocean or go to outer space like a rocket. They use metal to make the rocket.”  
  • Ethan “Some structures are like towers and towers might have metal and it is very hard so it is hard to break. They use nails and put the nails in the metal and connect things.”  
  • Seungbin: Structures could use any material like diapers, sticks, or blocks. 
  • Amber: Structure can be made out of anything. Structures can be made of art. You can make a structure with clay, just like art work. 
  • Eirinn: You can make structures out of lego, sticks, and even fruits. Buildings can be old and new. Some buildings are old-style, but they can be newly built. 
  • Ella: Structures can be things that help us go in or keep safe. There are many purposes or reasons for people to build structures. There are many famous structures in the world, such as landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, the Great Sphinx and so on.  
  • Fedo: Structures can be made with different materials like wood, stone, sticks and everything else that they can have. 
  • Yuki: Structures can be made from concrete, just like buildings that people live in Japan. Structures can be hard things. 
  • Hayoon “We can make structures with almost everything!” 
  • Grace “You can use materials around you like tree trunks, sticks or mud.” 
  • Alejandra “You can also use materials like pillows and stuffed animals and glue to build structures. You can use chalk and pencils.” 
  • Gihyeon “We don’t always use glue, we can also use honey to stick things together.”
    Diego “Structures can not just be bridges and buildings.”  

This led to a discussions about structures with the students sharing examples of structures


Then, the students went off to design and create like architects

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