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We Don’t Have to Learn from Every Tough Lesson.

This blog post is part of my personal challenge to take one quote from this beginning of the year compilation and dive deeper into what the quote means to me! This would be a great challenge for not only someone diving into blogging, but it could also be great for a podcast challenge as well. It would also be great for student prompts as well!

Check out the quotes from the January 2022 post, and if you decide to write or talk about one of them in-depth, please feel free to tag me on Instagram or Twitter (or both) to share your learning!

On to this week’s post!

This quote always resonates.

The term “recalibration” is one that I have thought a lot about over the past couple of years.

In March 2020, I remembered all of the events I was speaking at over the next year being canceled, and I was unsure what I would do moving forward.

The next day, I started adjusting my work, but it wasn’t my work that I needed to be worried about. It was that I wasn’t being what I needed to be to my family. 

This quote from Patrick Larkin shifted my thinking when it was written in March 2020:

A Gratitude Challenge

Find one thing each day that you are grateful for that would not have been possible if we were not in these unique circumstances. Parents, ask your children to do the same. Share these with one another each evening. Let’s try to take the focus away from all of the things we can’t control and focus on what we can, one another.

Patrick Larkin

I might have “recalibrated,” but I also think I “redirected” my attention. To my family. To myself. To what will matter to my kids in 30 years. To what matters to me right now.

Now, not everyone has the same feeling I do right now. And that is okay. Different events have a different impact on different people. 

Sometimes the worst lessons were just that, and although I could take something away from them, I chose not to. Other than I got through them. Not that I was better after. I just was.

But sometimes, the things that hurt the worst in my life were the most important lessons, and they eventually opened doors for me.

You don’t have to get better after every harsh lesson in your life. But I think there is always the opportunity. We have to pick and choose what lessons we learn from and which we simply get through. But please note-getting through a tough situation is also a lesson learned. Not my favorite one, but it still exists. 

If you are reading this, you have successfully made it through every tough day you have experienced. It might not always be pretty, but it always is.

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