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Ways Traveling Together Can Rekindle Love

Problems and disagreements pop up in even the best relationships. Still, if your partner is worth holding onto, the idea is to come up with some or other solution for your rocky relationship. 

We’re not talking about those pathetic, needy little notes that you put in his lunchbox that say ‘I love you, I need more of you,’ but something far more creative, fun and exciting.

Going on a trek up a mountain together may not sound romantic as we know it, but that’s because we’ve been brainwashed in rekindling love in soppy ways. 

True, both of you will be laid ‘bare’ before each other on a mountain climbing expedition – no pretenses – and you won’t be looking good from being dirty and sweaty, but your true colors will be revealed on such a trip.

Escape crowded beaches

Traveling together can certainly rekindle love, especially if you’re imaginative. Maybe you’re bored with crowded beaches and the same old lazy holiday spot and you feel the need for more action.

Maybe you need something that feels as though you’re exploring something new and feeling the excitement of the great explorers? One tip for keeping love alive is to be involved in novel activities together – something challenging, and traveling can do this for you.  

The bonding comes with the preparation

Just finding out all the facts about climbing the East African mountain and then brainstorming ideas about it is enough to build up a strong camaraderie between the two of you. You will both need to gather information to make your solutions really work. 

Maybe you both need to lose some weight and you both need to find a diet and exercise program you can both follow in preparation for the big climb. 

In the evenings, after work, you can both share the information you’ve gathered and work out all the nuts and bolts of each solution – how much it till cost, who has to do what, how much time it will take and when you actually depart for your riveting adventure.

Solutions, however, will require compromise, but one you have both settled on ideas that are agreeable and also affordable, it’s time to get ready for action.

Taking time out for a truly marvelous getaway

A travel solution has value and if both of you feel that you actually don’t spend enough time together, an awesome getaway can draw you two together, particularly if you are both attracted to the idea. 

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is a thoroughly organized tour company that makes sure they adhere to their motto of having safe fun. They inspire the idea in anyone to take time off from work and to do something extraordinary together.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find out after all that these are the type of adventures your partner has always wanted to do but imagined that you’re more a homebody by nature and a little nervous to try something outside your comfort zone. 

Unforgettable memories imprinted on your mind

The night of the ultimate ascent is guaranteed to imprint memories of the two of you together forever. You set off at midnight with just headlamps to reach the summit by sunrise. You’re encouraging and motivating each other all along the way to simply push on. 

When you reach the top and you feel the warmth of the sun, achieving such a feat together will bind you together forever. The pink and orange shades of the morning sun will be beautiful and romantic and you’ll feel on top of the world.

You’ll always be connected by the sheer experience

Mt Kilimanjaro can reignite the spark of romance as the two of you lose yourself in the beauty and diversity of the mountain, as such awesomeness is guaranteed to connect you intimately with nature and with the one you love.