What is waste?

What waste do you produce?

The students noted down their initial responses to the two questions. All student responses were shared and a table was created to show the WHAT we waste.  

A student in a Grade 5 was conducting a survey on single use plastics. We gathered to discuss and answer the survey, making note of the different types of single use plastic we use and the waste we create as individuals and as a community. We made a list of the items we might use. 


  • straws
  • disposable food containers
  • cutlery
  • cups
  • bottles
  • garbage bags
  • shopping bags
  • packaging  


We made a list of the waste we produce or the things we waste.

Then, we included this information on a graph to help us orgainse our information. We learned that the two things we waste the most are food and time.

We were looking at describing how and why we produce waste. We included some language to help us explain the reasons why using language for cause beyond ‘because’ (since, as, so, therefore) and language that helps us show contrast (although and even though).

The class came up with some wonderful ideas to improve their writing on the topic.

What happens to the waste we produce?

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