Goal: Comprehension

Strategy: Make a Picture or Mental Image

When students listen to or read text, they can create pictures in their mind or make a mind movie. When readers visualize what is happening in the story, they remember more of what they read or hear.

To help us practice this strategy, we used the text ‘Cactus Hotel’ by Brenda Z. Guiberson.

First, we thought about the TITLE. What images come to mind when we think of ‘Cactus Hotel’? (for the purpose of the activity, they did not see the book, text and images from the story)  

The students transferred their image into a picture on a whiteboard. Then, they shared their ideas.

We discussed how images correspond to information.

While listening to the read-aloud, the students created their own images that represent information. We drew these images as sketches on paper. 

Here are some of the images that tell a story.

Why Children Need This Strategy: Making a picture or mental image assists readers in understanding what they read by creating images in their mind, based on the details in the text and their prior knowledge.

Visuals from Into the Book

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