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Using Past Failures as Learning Toward Future Success

Over the past few years, I have really focused a lot more on learning and all of the places that it happens, both in and out of schools.  My own health journey has been quite the learning process with many ups and downs that continues to this day. Many of you have followed my blog for several years and have been a part of that process with me, and have cheered me on continuously. It has been greatly appreciated! 

I wanted to share a podcast with you where I discuss this experience and what I have learned through both failure and success.  Sometimes, things don’t go the way we hope, and we easily dismiss that as “lost time.”  I have learned that through every failure, I have taken away something that I can apply to the next part of the process.

It is not the failures that I have benefitted from; I have learned from those failures and how I applied those lessons to my next steps is where I have found success. 

The podcast is not about weight loss only, but I share lessons on making habits, setting goals, and learning from the process. 

Here are my main takeaways that I share at the end:

I hope you can find some value in my reflections! Check out the video here (which includes many visuals), or you can listen on iTunes, Spotify, or Soundcloud

Thanks again for all of your support! I am still learning through this process!

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