The weather in Nanjing has begun to change. What do we notice about the trees and plants?

While on a nature walk in my neighbourhood, I saw these trees.

  • What do you notice?
  • How would you describe the trees?
  • Do trees look the same all year round? Why or why not? Does it change? When do they change? Why or why not?

Let’s read the picture book ‘Tap the Magic Tree’ by Christie Matheson to explore change and growth.

I wonder what you notice about the trees around your neighbourhood. You might want to go on a nature walk to learn more about the trees. You might want to draw, paint or create your own trees using the materials you have around you.

Don’t forget to share your discoveries with us!

Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

Research Skills

  • data gathering and documenting (drawing, photographing)
  • gather information from a variety of sources (people, places, materials, literature).
  • use all senses to observe and notice details.
  • record observations—drawing, charting, tallying—using emergent writing skills, when possible, to write comments, annotate images, and so on.
  • evaluating and communicating
  • notice relationships and patterns.
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