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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Siding

Most siding can last for decades with the right maintenance. 

In most cases, serious damage is often caused by extreme weather events like severe storms. But other than that, typical siding can withstand any weather and still last for years. 

Nonetheless, it is always important to undertake siding repairs as soon as they are needed. Simple fixes will go a long way in keeping the siding in good condition, something that will in turn enhance its longevity. But how do you know your siding needs to be replaced? 

Here are some tips from a well-known siding company in Minneapolis.

Worn Out Siding

Since your siding is exposed to the sun, rain, snow, and other tough weather elements, eventually it will start to wear out. However, regular seasonal maintenance is always enough to keep it in good condition. 

But if it seems you are doing a lot of maintenance than usual, then it could be a sign your siding is old and failing. 

A replacement here will be necessary. Also, too much color fading may also suggest that it’s time for an upgrade.

Loose Siding 

If the siding you installed a few years ago is no longer there, it is obviously time to replace it. In most cases, missing or loose siding is caused by extreme weather like strong winds, storms, or tornadoes. 

However, as you begin replacing the siding, you may also want to inspect the rest of the house just to be sure everything is in place. 

Most people call Minnesota roofing contractors after a storm but checking out the siding for structural integrity is also very crucial.

Rotten Siding

Rot is typically associated with wooden siding and happens when there is exposure to moisture. 

Now, wooden siding is typically finished with a sealant to reduce the risk of water damage. But over time, even this sealant becomes ineffective. 

As a result, your siding starts to rot and fall away as a result. This is a very dangerous situation because it poses a very serious safety risk to the people in your house. 

It is therefore advisable to consider full siding replacement before it gets worse.

Huge Damage 

Remember that siding also plays a very important aesthetic role in your home. If it’s too dented, cracked, or warped, then it becomes an eyesore. 

At this point, a replacement might be necessary, especially if you are dealing with large cracks or dents that can’t be fixed using routine repairs.

Pest Infestation 

In most cases, a pest problem on a property happens gradually. It starts off with one or two pests and before you know it it’s a full-blown infestation. 

It’s hard to understand why a homeowner would let a pest problem get so severe to a point where siding replacement is needed. 

But believe it or not, it happens. No one wants to live in a home full of pests and as such, part of dealing with the issue may involve removing and replacing the siding.