The children have been sharing their theories about snails; how they move, live and grow. During a conversation about snails, Sarah and Felix stated:

  • Sarah“Like caterpillar.”
  • Felix “Because a caterpillar don’t have a shell.”

This led to a discussion about caterpillars. We offered the children opportunities to share their theories about caterpillars. They used Paper and markers to make their thinking visible.    

Yoochan “Caterpillars in tree. Baby and mummy here. Tree. A daddy, caterpillar daddy and tree.”

Nina “This is caterpillar. This is grass this is flower. He (caterpillar) is moving. He eats grass. He loves flowers. Baby caterpillar likes flowers.”

Sarah “This is me and I look the caterpillar. Here he look he eggs. He is growing. Eating leaves. Butterfly. And he fly. He (caterpillar) likes trees. His babies on it. Big caterpillar has eggs. When the caterpillar grow and he is a butterfly.”

Michelle “The caterpillar, I and mummy go to school. I think every night he grows. Leaves. Eat leaves. This is mummy and this is me. We go to NIS. My mummy picks me up and goes to school. The leaf…I can eat this. I eat and eat and eat and eat. And go to NIS and play with everybody. And caterpillars grow and grow and grow, and he made a butterfly. The, grow and grow and grow and then she is NIS and then all the caterpillars say “WOW, all the butterflies.”

Felix “The caterpillars eat grass. And they are first a egg and then they are coming out a caterpillar. And this is me going to school. There are caterpillars going on people. And they eat leaves from the trees. This is what caterpillars eat leaves and they and then they need sun to grow and then they grow into a butterfly.

Teacher “Why do you need the arrows?”

Felix “Because it shows that you need some grass for the caterpillars. And then he can live and then he can dead. He just will die and then then he is a skeleton. This comes first (egg), this comes second, third (on a tree), This come fourth (water), this comes five (caterpillar on person), this comes six (leaf) and this comes seven (sun) and this comes eight (butterfly). The arrows are showing us what the caterpillars do.”

Charlotte “My mummy picked me up and go to NIS and go in the tree and up, up, up and eating. The caterpillars are NIS. Eating and sleeping in the trees. Because my mummy and daddy are too big like caterpillars. He is eating over here in NIS. And grow up. Like a water fountain.”

What theories are emerging…

We noticed how the children drew pictures of caterpillars at different stages of their lifecycle. The concepts of growth and change were clearly obvious in their drawings. Some of the children suggested that caterpillars were the same as people as we grow and get bigger too.

The children had suggested that babies grow, becoming sisters and brothers, mummies and daddies and then grandpas and grandmas.

Charlotte showed us with her body how plants grow from a seed into a tall tree.

We continue to wonder how what living things have in common…

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