Over the last few weeks, the students have been developing and strengthening their writing by planning, drafting, revising, editing, and finally publishing a piece of writing.

They began by focusing on a topic and asking questions that could be researched. We know that brainstorming allows us to make important decisions as a writer.

They gathered information through first and second-hand sources and included them on large chart paper. As they discussed the information, they made connections and developed a deeper understanding of the concepts linked to their research.

They began thinking about the information they wished to share with an audience. They put their ideas down in their notebooks. The students were encouraged to skip lines when they wrote, leaving space to revise and edit.

Next, the students read through the information and decided if the information was in a logical sequence. They continued to change and edit their work as needed.

Then, the students reread their writing, checking for errors in punctuation and spelling. They used word cards, the dictionary and other tools around the classroom to further develop their writing.

With guidance and support from adults, the students used a variety of digital tools to produce and publish their writing. This process helped the students conduct a research project based on focused questions, demonstrating an understanding of the subject and concepts under investigation.

Going through the writing process helps students become stronger writers!

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