The children were preparing to help retell a familiar story. Each child had a role to play in telling the story. Some played the characters and others helped with the setting. The teacher narrated the story with the children joining in the repeated refrains.

We read the story ‘The Three Little Pigs‘.

Once upon a time…

The children listened carefully the story. They had to remember when they needed to take the stage. They helped each other as they laughed and recited the story. 

The setting or the background changed frequently. It had to match the story as it is narrated. 

The performers needed to go back and forth, the space had to be shared and the audience needed to practice good listening. 

After the performance concluded, the children continued to play with the story props, creating their own versions to the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We noticed that they used their preferred language to crate stories, sharing their creativity in multiple ways with varied groups.  

We are learning how to:

  • participate in shared reading, posing and responding to questions and joining in the refrains
  • respond actively to read aloud situations; make predictions, anticipate possible outcomes
  • retell familiar stories
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