Why do we need a scale?

The students concluded that a scale is needed as it is not possible to use actual measurements to draw objects on the chart paper map. All measurements would be rounded to the nearest 10 to make it easier to work out the measurement of the different objects. 

Why should all the groups use the same scale?

The students have been discussing and deciding on the scale that should be used in the final map. They agreed that everyone should use one scale as then the objects drawn would be measured using the same scale. To demonstrate this idea, we used two different scales to draw the height of ‘HANNAH’. The students could see that using two different scales resulted in two different heights of the same object. 

Next, we decided on the different colours we would all use for the different objects in the garden. We reviewed what we had done so far and what our next steps would be. 

The students finally agreed on the scale 5cms = 100cms. They worked out the different measurements using the scale. 

The Scale

The students then began to round all their measurements to the nearest 10. Then they worked in their teams to draw and create all the objects needed for the final map. 

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