We gathered to think about a MATH provocation.

  • How might we solve this problem?
  • What strategies can we use?
  • What tools would we need?
  • What would be the first step?
  • How can we use pictures, numbers or models to solve math problems?

We worked through the task together and recorded our thinking in our Math Journals.

We thought about the different tools we would need to solve our problem. The students discussed their thinking and worked through their task using math vocabulary related to number, measurement and data-handling.

Next, they worked on creating and testing their own ramp. They needed to work in teams, solving problems and negotiating ideas.

The students thought about the materials they would need, the height and placement of the ramps as well as the objects they would test.

Then, they recorded their data on a table and discussed and shared a question they could ask about the data they collected.

Through this experience the students had opportunities to:

  • conduct research
  • work as a team
  • think
  • cooperate
  • listen
  • persevere
  • problem solve
  • have fun and celebrate learning together!


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