Over the last few weeks, the students have been creating their prototypes based on their design plans and related research. They have continued to add more details and descriptions to their initial plans, thinking deeply about the different materials that are available and how they might use them to create the ‘MOST CHALLENGING‘ part of their design. The task would need to meet the following criteria. 

Design Plans 

The Prototypes

The students have been moving between the design rooms and the classroom, testing and choosing from a range of materials to fit a purpose. The students persevered, working at their own pace, talking to others about the challenges and how they were learning through trial and error. 

Process Video


Personal Reflections  

The students have been documenting their learning journey, reflecting on challenges and how they have found solutions through the design process. 

We consider reflection an import part of the learning process. Therefore, students were encouraged to document their own learning journey through the task, reflecting on the following:

  • what has been done (process)
  • the materials (What materials did you use? Why?)
  • the challenges (difficult parts/jobs)
  • the solutions (What did you do? What made it work?)
  • the skills (research, thinking, self-management, social and communication skills)
  • what has been learned (What have you learned from/through the steps/tasks?)
  • feelings and emotions 

The students are working on putting together a Design Journal to share their individual learning story. These will be presented at their final presentation to the community. 

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