Ms. Shemo’s husband had given her a strange vegetable.

  • Sarah “Is it a tomato?”
  • Felix “No, not tomato.”

The children passed the vegetable around.

  • Bruce (speaking in Mandarin as Sarah translates) explained that he has this vegetable at home. He has it in grandma and grandpa’s house. His grandma likes to eat it.

  • Felix “It’s potato.”
  • Charlotte “Not potato! Potato is red! This is yellow!”
  • Felix “Potato! Tomato is the red one.”

Everyone was happy with the explanation. The children looked carefully at the potato, it was sprouting from the top.

  • Sarah “It smells like potato.”
  • Sebastian “Yeah!”

Teacher “What is happening to the potato?”

  • Sarah explains that she thinks the little pieces on the top of the potato are going to become stems and leaves, just like the plant.

We looked carefully at the plant.


Bruce explains that the plant is stinky, just like the potato.

  • Felix “It is the same (both potatoes). Because you just have to pull the plant out. Maybe there are coming more potatoes!”
  • Sarah “No, this looks like a pear. Because it’s green. A green pear.”

  • Nina “I think this is like a potato. Because it is growing up.”

Ms. Shemo “We don’t have enough space for this plant in our home. Is there a place where we can grow this in school?”

  • Charlotte “YES! Outside! Where the broccoli is growing!”

The children decided that they could help to plant the potato in the garden plot.

  • Felix “First you have to pull it out and then put it in the other earth.”

The children talked about how much water the plants need.

  • Felix “We should not put too much water or the plants will die.”

Next, the children helped plant the potato and the potato plant in the garden plot. We will continue to care for them as they grow.

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