The children have been talking about plants. They wanted to create props for a ‘show’. Felix and Tyson decided to use clay to create the insect eating plant.

Tyson “And this one is die. This flower eat him and he die.”

Felix “The plants eat insects to live. Or they will die. They eat it with their mouth. The white ones are the teeth. Look, he opened his mouth! He is ready to eat an insect because he opened his mouth. I am just putting it in and the squishing it because then it standards upwards (describing the process he is using the create the stem for each plant).

Tyson “He is ready to open his mouth. His flower eats butterflies. This flower eats, like to eat bees.”

Felix “Because butterflies are just caterpillars. They are the ones that eat insects not people.”

We are learning how to:

  • engage with, and enjoy a variety of visual arts experiences
  • select tools, materials and processes for specific purposes
  • use their imagination and experiences to inform their art making
  • create artwork in response to a range of stimuli
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