The students worked in groups to create a structure with newspaper. They first planned and tested the materials and then reviewed their plan before building the structure. They had to built the newspaper structure within 30 minutes. 

  • Let’s make a triangle. (Sky)
  • It’s tilting. (Carlotta)
  • Let’s stick this together. (Sky)
  • Everybody working so good so fast. (Carlotta)
  • Don’t stick here because…(Hannah)
  • This is so hard. We can do this! Come on team! (Reggie)
  • If we don’t do win this, it’s ok. At least we do this. (Elena)
  • The small one or big one? (Kavel)
  • We can make a hole then put more stick in. (Sky)
  • This is smart! (*responding to Sky’s idea) (Reggie)
  • I know why it’s always falling. Let’s tape this first. (Carlotta)
  • That’s good. (Elena)
  • We need to cut this smaller. (Carlotta)
  • I got 16 tape out. (Stella)
  • We are not ready. It’s still tilting! (Carlotta)
  • It keeps on falling. (Elena)
  • No more cylinder! (Kavel)
  • Can someone hold this area? (Reggie)
  • Good job! You make more to have stable bottom. (Carlotta)
  • More stand under here.
  • We are changing ideas. (Reggie)

The next day, the students were tasked with discussing and documenting their learning during the activity.

They needed to: –

  • introduce the team
  • share what was done (process)
  • reflect on the problems and solutions
  • explain what was learned
  • develop plans for next time

We wonder what we might do next…

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