The students continue to work on their research projects for their Unit of Inquiry ‘How the World Works‘. Their task is to create a museum to show how technology has changed over time and how it has affected people’s lives.

What is a museum?

We began by visiting a virtual museum by the National Museum of Natural History. The students noticed and commented on the objects, descriptions, information and significance of the objects scattered throughout the museum. We wondered how WE might create a museum to share our learning and discoveries. It was time to make a plan! 

As the students planned and designed their artefact/object, they went back and forth to the information documented in their poster. They conducted interviews, read books and watched videos to learn more about their chosen area of interest.

We noticed how they added and/or re-evaluated the information they have gathered to show their understanding of the concepts change, connection, technology, systems and transformation. Their artefacts/ objects need to show how technology has changed over time.

The following visual rubric was shared with the students to help guide the task.

We look forward to their final creations and presentations! 

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