The students have been working on their short stories, which will be included in the final Memory Book. They have followed the writing process, moving from their draft to their edited and published versions.

These books are now displayed in the G1 and 2 corridors along with our learning stories.

We took some time to share these stories with each other.

We have followed our initial plan, created our stories and are in the process of creating our class mural. We gathered to discuss our ideas for the Memory Book.

  • What about a title for the book? How will we decide which one to choose?
  • How would we organize the different stories?
  • Where will this book be displayed?

The students continued to share what they thought our next steps would be. Some suggestions included:

  • author interviews
  • page numbers
  • a blurb
  • a contents page
  • photographs of the authors
  • headers
  • images and diagrams of planners and the mural painting

We know that these decisions need to be made as a group, as this is what we ‘value’ in 2A. Watch this space to learn more about our next steps…

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