Lego is popular and fun to play with. It is also a great resource to explore learning.
The students were invited to create one object using 20 pieces of Lego.
They displayed these creations in the atelier.

We all noticed how different the creations were.

Next, we took a photograph of our creation.

We wondered how we might sort the pieces we used in our creation. The students suggested three possible sorts.
-by colour
-by the number of ‘dots’ a piece of Lego had
-by length (long and short)

Then, we decided how we might document our sorts on a table. Here are two possible options. The students decided that a tally table would be the best way. We decided that we would have colour on one column and tally marks in the next.

We know that information can be expressed as organised and structured data. We constructed and labeled a vertical graph to document our data.

Finally, we wrote 3 questions that we might ask our friends about our graph.
What questions can YOU suggest?

Each student worked on their own creation, to follow the different steps needed to document their own learning.

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