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Focus: Research Skills, Thinking Skills 

Peter Brown is another of our favourite authors. One of the stories we read often is ‘You WILL Be My Friend!‘. In this story, Lucy is searching for a friend in the forest. She approaches a pond, she needs to cross it. Can you help Lucy?

Here is a Lego Brick challenge for you!

Create a Lego Brick Bridge that Lucy can use to cross the pond.


How will you test your bridge?

Share a picture of your Lego Brick Bridge.

NOTE: This learning invitation will help children explore the concepts:

  • materials
  • weight
  • engineering and design

Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

  • think critically
  • plan an experiment
  • observe carefully
  • test ideas
  • gather information through experimentation
  • demonstrate persistence in tasks
  • use strategies to problem-solve
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