We launched the new unit using the visible thinking routine See- Think- Wonderto explore the concepts of transformation and change over time. The students were presented with different pictures of objects. They worked in groups to discuss ideas and document their own observations, thoughts and questions.

The thinking routine ‘See – Think – Wonder’ helps us… 

  • share what we notice by using our senses
  • describe in detail what we notice
  • generate ideas and wonderings
  • justify ideas
  • start noticing how things are connected
  • tune into what people are saying, what they are noticing and what they are curious about
  • collect and record information


  • Alejandra “We were thinking about things from a long, long time ago because all the things were old. In my group a lot of people were thinking because I see a lot of ideas on their paper and when I was thinking I did that also.”
  • Gihyeon “I noticed people were doing hard thinking because our group had lots of ideas and questions to write.”
  • Amber “I saw the children writing their ideas down because they were using their thinking skills.”
  • Ethan “I know some people in the group were sharing their ideas because in our group we shared ideas and we listened. We needed to share ideas and listen to different ideas.”
  • Seolah “I saw people writing, we write what we see and think and wonder in our paper.”
  • Lawrence “We looked at the picture and then we write our thinking on our paper.”
  • Grace “I saw people looking carefully at the picture and some of the people even turned the picture upside down to look at the picture even more carefully.”


  • Seungbin “It was hard to think because in the group I was looking in the group carefully but I didn’t know what it was because the picture was from a long time ago.”
  • Hayoon “It was hard to write about things that look really fancy because if it is too fancy then there would be the thing I don’t know so it was hard. It was hard to describe everything.”
  • Yuki “It was hard because I had to think.”
  • Seolah “It was hard to write about old things.”
  • Hyun Seo “I know the Korean word but I don’t know the word in English.”
  • Yuchan “The think part was challenging because the picture was confusing so I have no idea what that picture is.”
  • Fedo “It was hard drawing the picture.”
  • Amber “When I do the first think I think it is challenging because I don’t know all about long, long ago.”
  • Lawrence “I learned that every people have different ideas and we can share ideas to get more information.”


  • Diego “First I need to see, look carefully and then I need to think about what I see.”
  • Yuki “I learned that people are doing hard thinking.”
  • Seolah “I learned about the old things.”
  • Hyun Seo “I learned many words that I don’t know because some people tell me.”
  • Fedo “I learned with the groups, sharing their ideas and I got interested in their ideas.”
  • Amber “I learned that long ago we had black and white.”
  • Gihyeon “I learned how to work together.”
  • Grace “I learned that one thing can change into different things by changing the picture (turning it upside down).”
  • Seungbin “I learned that old things is cool because in the first time when I saw the picture I thought it wasn’t cool. Then, when my group said what fun things there are to learn, then it was a cool and old thing. 

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