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The Influence of Spiritual Beliefs on Bereavement

Losing a loved one can fundamentally change the way we view life. Religion and spiritual beliefs are used as a guiding tool on how we navigate the fine line between life and death and the permanency of both. Religious beliefs provide comfort in the way we view death as a permit to the afterlife or a passport to forever.

Religion is the soothing voice that showers the comfort that all is not lost, but spiritual beliefs cannot guarantee immunity against the death of a loved one and it cannot bring back those who have passed on. It does, however, provide a map through the process of bereavement. Below we look at some key points on the map. 

Let a memorial service specialist bring peace of mind

When losing your life-partner, parent, or child, planning a memorial service can be daunting. Memorial services are meant to celebrate the great life and memories of the passed loved one, but the details involved can become a nightmare.

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Allow yourself to grieve

The world, as you know it, comes to a complete stop when a loved one dies. It makes you want to crawl into a quiet space and hide away with only your thoughts and tears as comfort. To cope with grief, we seek a substitute for the pain, be it in the form of work, alcohol, food or something else, but these substitutes will only work for a moment.

Before you hide away from the hurt, allow yourself to feel the loss. If you allow yourself the process of experiencing the pain involved with losing a loved one, you will journey to the point of healing, where the pain becomes distant and the memories and love becomes more prominent. 

Four seasons of emotions

There are millions of books on the stages of grief and hundreds of religious beliefs that can help you cope with loss, but very little is said about the whirlwind of emotions that shakes up your entire core when you lose someone you loved very deeply.

Knowing that you will be angry and sad and happy and depressed all at the same time will ensure that you allow yourself time and space to experience each emotion fully. Cry hard and long, laugh loud, be angry and talk to God about it, and know that the darkness you feel will pass. Allow the seasons to come full circle to bring a new season of hope, love, and grace.

Say goodbye

An important part of the grieving process is to let go. When you have shared a lifetime with someone, and you are forced to move through spaces where that loved one is no longer part of, like going home alone or sleeping alone, that experience can bring on waves of emotion. 

Spiritual rituals and healing processes is a great way to deal with this stage of grief. There are many different rituals and prayers the world over that can assist you and your family to say goodbye. Read up about them and find the right one for you. This will ease the pain and make room for peace and grace.

Learn to celebrate memorable days

Driving past your favorite holiday spot or remembering a birthday of a loved one that passed on can bring on waves of grief year after year. It will help you to plan for days like these in the future.

When an anniversary or birthday date comes up, plan a small remembrance celebration. Surround yourself with others that can make you laugh and help you cope with the loss and the memories on those special days. Organize a family get-together or spend time celebrating the good memories you shared with your loved one. When you focus on the joy, grief becomes less daunting and with time, comes healing and peace.