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Focus: Communication Skills, Thinking Skills

Mathematics: Number, Estimation, Addition 

Follow the instructions in the video to make your own board game and dice.

You will need a dice, 40-50 counters [buttons, beads, seeds, stones or any other small loose parts]. A game board for each player.

Materials needed to make the dice.


How to play:

  • take turns to throw the dice
  • collect the correct number of counters and cover the spaces on your board until the counters are over.

The person with the most counters wins the game!

Dice Game

Extension: You will need more counters and a game board with numbers over 50.

  • Use 2 dice.
  • Add the two numbers and place counters to match the total.

The person with the most counters wins the game!

This game encourages children to:

  • explore number names
  • explore quantities
  • estimate
  • use one-to-one correspondence
  • understand the terms more, less same as
  • problem-solve
  • follow directions and rules of a game
  • be persistent 
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