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The Community Garden Plot Project

We have been using manipulatives to explore measurement. We have been measuring the Perimeter and Area of different shapes. 

Mr. Danny, the Activities Director needed some help. He asked the students if they could create a map of the ‘Community Garden Plots‘.

Communit Garden Plot Project

We began by brainstorming what we already know about maps. We documented our thinking and ideas on chart paper. 

Next, we thought about the map of the ‘Community Garden’.

  • What should it include? 
  • What would we NEED to create the map?

The students wrote down their ideas. They shared their ideas with each other.  

A plan was beginning to unfold. 

Then, we went to the garden to take a closer look at the garden plots.

  • What else do we need to think about?
  • What steps do we need to take to complete the task?

The students continued to document their ideas on paper. They discussed their ideas with each other. 

What skills would we need to complete the task? The students shared their thinking. 

  • Kavel “You have to manage yourself. I think we should use thinking skills because we need to think how we need to measure the right proper way. We need to put the tool on the ‘0’ or it will be the wrong measurement.” 
  • Carlotta “You use thinking skills, to think about how you are going to measure things. You also need to use your social skills because you are already measuring one thing then you got to tell other people that they should not measure again.”
  • Chanwoong “We use communication skills because we all have different ideas so we have to communicate ourselves. We also need research skills because we have to ask questions about it and we have to gather and research the information on the garden.”
  • Reg: “You have to use your communication skills when you have already done a task you have tell others you have already done it. We also have to use Math skills because when we make the plot when we make the area around the garden plots, the perimeter, so we know the area of the plots. It will help us when we make the map. Like 1 meter of it can be like 30 or 20 cms.”
  • Hannah “You will need to use your mathematical skills, to write down the things like ideas and then count because we need to count how many plots.”
  • Sky “We need to count, because we need to know how many of the trees, pots and plots we need to draw on the paper. We need thinking skills because if we don’t think and we just say its like 2 cms (estimate) then we will get the wrong answer. If you measure it correctly then you will get the right answer. We need to be mathematicians because we need to add all the meters and cms. together. If you don’t you will have the wrong answer. ” 
  • Stella “We need Math skills, because you need to make a map you still need to think of math. 
  • Changhyeong “We need thinking skills because we need many ways to measure the ground.”

We wonder what our next steps would be….

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