• How might we manipulate and use different materials to design and create?
  • How might we use tools for a purpose?
  • How might we stay safe while we design and create?

The students began to put their plans into action, by exploring materials to create their designs for the exhibition.

Design Plans

They had to tap into their prior knowledge and use what they know about the world around them create these different sculptures/objects (How are walls constructed? Why does the base of an object need to be wider?).

They discussed the dimensions, shape and space of objects, using what they have learned about measurement and geometry as they looked for solutions and solved problems.

The students manipulated tools for a purpose, persevered, and supported each other as they worked on their individual projects. 

Planning, creating, questioning, exploring, thinking and problem-solving for a purpose.

We are so excited to be able to share our creations with YOU!!!

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