When we came back after lunch play time, we saw a message on the whiteboard. Ms. Anna Mila had left a message and a leaf for us! The message read,
“I brought you a present, look carefully on the leaf. Please take care of it and put it back outside.”

We looked at the leaf, sitting on it was a CATERPILLAR! The children were so excited to see it and began to share what they observed. The caterpillar was so small that we could not see clearly.

Felix suggested that we use the magnifying glasses or even the microscope that we had received from the Secondary school science lab.

First, we had to learn to use the microscope. “It’s so big!” said the children. While they were exploring, they used all their senses to observe and notice details, finding and sharing the unique characteristics of the little creature.

When we finished observing the caterpillar, we took it back to its home in the garden plot. We hope we will be able to see it again soon.

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