What did you notice?  What do you wonder?

  • Carlotta “I wonder how the cards come out of the bag in triangles.”
  • Dohoon “How many cards did they use? How many are odd numbers? How many shape cards?”
  • Eunseong “How tall is it?”
  • Sam “How many cards? How many triangles?”
  • Chanwoong “How did they stick the cards together? Which one is the joker card? Can this be a village?”
  • Hannah “What is it? What are they making?”
  • Seungje “Where did he buy the cards?”
  • Ryder “How many triangle cards? If there are more cards, how many more buildings could he make? Is there a triangle cards that are 4,4,4 and 2,2,2? Is there so much cards, can they make a whole country?”
  • Kavel “How did they make the video so fast?”
  • Sky “How do they stick one card and one card to a triangle? If they have more cards, can they build a tower?”
  • Jiwan “How many cards all together?”

How many cards? How many card triangles?

We watched the video to help us solve the problem. 

We documented our thinking and strategies in our Maths Journals.

Together, we worked out how many cards were used to create the ‘Card House’.

Then, we counted the number of triangles used to create the ‘Card House’.

We realised that counting in 3’s was a great strategy to use!!

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