The discussions that followed the thinking routine ‘Generate-Sort-Connect-Elaborate‘ led to an interest in cameras.

Many of the students said they have cameras at home. They were invited to bring in the cameras (if possible) to discuss the similarities and differences between them. They wrote to the parents to ask for permission.The next day, the students brought their cameras and placed them on the table. “That has our memories.” Said Hyun Seo as she gently displayed her camera.

Next, the students began to organise their collection of words into different categories. They decided to include more words! They listened to each other’s perspectives, justifying why they grouped certain words. We noticed that the students used the words to share their thinking and ideas.

Then, we gathered to talk about the different cameras the students had brought in. How are they the same? How are they different? We noticed that the students used vocabulary from their previous brainstorm to discuss the functions (features) of the cameras.

The students realised that they did not know much about the cameras. They were invited to continue their research into cameras with their family.

What do we want to know about cameras?

– What do we want to know about cameras?
– What is the brand of my camera, when was it made?
– Why do some cameras have a screen?
– Who invented the first camera? When was it invented?
– What did the first camera look like? How did it work?
– Is there a model of the first camera?
– How does the camera work?
– Are there any automatic cameras?
– Why do people take photographs?
– What does the inside of the camera look like?
– How is the camera powered?
– What is the latest camera?
– Why do cameras only have a small hole to look through?
– Where are the photographs saved?
– Why can we not save the photographs on some cameras?
– How do some cameras print out photographs right away?
– What can our camera do?
– How do we transfer photos from the camera to other devices?

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