We have been listening to the story The Three Little Pigs.

Leming approached the table that had bricks and wooden strips.

He began to create with the material. Leming noticed that each time he placed a piece of green wood across the two ends, it would fall inwards.

He decided to use bricks as a base, to hold up the falling wooden beams. He was able to solve this problem through experimentation. He explained that he was creating a house for a pig.

He gently placed the wooden beams, careful with his movements.

The last piece.

We wonder what Leming is thinking as he creates. What is his plan?

Leming explains that he has made the brick house, pointing to the props and the story we read. The pig is in the brick house and the green section is the fireplace.

We noticed how Leming has been thinking about the different houses as he built his own. He understood that the brick house had different spaces that were part of the story.

Leming is sharing his creativity through the use of props and stories.

Learning Outcomes:

  • use imagination and original ideas to create
  • explore and retell familiar stories dramatically
  • select tools, materials and processes for specific purposes
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