We gathered to think about ‘Technology’ and what we already know about it. The students used the thinking routine ‘I used to think… But now I think…’ to consolidate new learning as they identify new understandings, opinions, and beliefs.

First, they noted their ideas about ‘technology’ on their paper. Then, they went on to Epic to explore several books, to see what more they can learn about ‘technology’.

Then, they completed the next step of the task, to record their new understandings and opinions. They reflected on how their ideas have changed or developed as a result of their explorations into non-fiction texts.

Next, we documented these ideas on a chart paper. We noticed that the students made connections between the different ideas, sharing their experiences and knowledge with others. We identified common themes that would help us with our research.

Finally, we were ready to make a plan for research. The students decided on the type of technology/invention they wanted to learn more about. They followed the steps to document their initial ideas on chart paper. They helped each other out by listening to different perspectives and ideas presented by the group.

The students will be responsible for documenting their own learning journey as they plan, gather and record data, interpret and communicate their findings.

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