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Stunning Ways to Fill Up The Space on a Huge Blank Wall

A home is your haven; a place where you relax. It should be an attractive space that is also practical. When you’re faced with a blank wall in your home, it is time to do something about it. Interior décor then becomes the solution to turning a huge blank wall into something that holds appeal and reflects your personality. 

There are several ways to deal with this problem without having to call an expert for assistance. Here are 5 of our favorite methods to turn a blank wall into an art piece.

Heat up your home

Ethanol fireplaces are the ideal way to fill up the space presented by a large bare space. Unique bio-ethanol fireplaces heat up your home while taking the environment into account. These fireplaces use plant-based and sugar fuels so they burn clean, and are therefore highly sustainable. 

Ethanol fireplaces are also much safer than the traditional fireplace. Choose from several attractive designs online at the Soothing Company, where shipping is free and customers can also enjoy generous discounts. Your new fireplace will be a centerpiece in the room; you’ll enhance your wall space, and add value to your home with any one of these stunning fireplaces.

Commission a painting

Art galleries seldom sell extremely large paintings, so find an artist that is willing to create a stunning piece of art on a large canvas. Memorialize your family in a piece of art to decorate your large wall space, to bring an added sense of warmth to your home.

If one large painting doesn’t fit well into the space, then commission several smaller paintings of individual family members to really make your house a welcoming home environment for everyone. Homeowners often want to include pictures of family pets on their wall space, which is another great idea to discuss with a local artist.

Unique wall murals

Artists are highly diverse with their skills, and some focus on creating attractive wall art to fill blank spaces. Dependent on the surface of the wall, speak to an artist about painting a mural that reflects your preferences. 

Select from a range of modern art to cover your wall, or perhaps natural outdoor scenes are more to your taste. Abstract art is yet another type of wall mural that will increase the interest level of a blank wall. Your choices are limitless in this regard, but unique wall murals are definitely an option in these circumstances.

Exercise your budding photographic skills

Similar to painting and murals, you can cover your blank wall with a variety of black and white artistic photos. Take photos yourself or purchase several that attract your attention. Mount these photos on artistic wrought iron rods and chains made for photos. 

Group these at specific areas on the blank wall as yet another suggestion to beautify your home. Home décor shops stock a selection of photo frames to get your creative juices flowing in this regard. Investigate what’s available to exercise your interior décor or photographic skills.

Mix up your décor

Intersperse your photos, paintings or wall mural with mirrors. Add hanging plants to your wall, or paint several sections with different colored paints, in horizontal strips. Maybe you have a selection of antique plates that you want to show off. 

Include shelves for books or ornaments to decorate your wall. There are so many ways to decorate a blank wall that you may be tempted to overdo it. Stick to simplicity when filling in the space, because you don’t want to end up with a blank space that has suddenly become cluttered.