We sat together, to gather our thoughts, to explore where our learning has taken us.

What have we learned through our research?

Over the last few weeks, we have been diving deep into our Unit of Inquiry. We have been generating ideas, sorting through information, conducting our research and making connections between concepts and ideas. Together, we have developed a deeper understanding of our unit under the Transdisciplinary Theme ‘How We Express Ourselves’.

The students have been asking questions, reading books, conducting surveys, documenting data, presenting findings, sharing ideas and taking action.

We took a closer look at our Central Idea ‘Communities come together through expressions of culture’.

Our deep dive into the different themes, vocabulary, concepts and ideas, have helped us uncover the Central Idea.

The students quickly made connections with what they have been learning. We documented our thinking on chart paper.

  • What stories might WE want to tell?
  • How might we EXPRESS these ideas?
  • What do we want others to know about OUR culture?
  • What forms of expression bring US TOGETHER as a Community?
  • HOW might we document these ideas?
  • What artefacts can we CREATE?

We wonder how we might take ACTION!

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