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Signs it is Time for Roof Repairs

The unfortunate truth is that too many people wait until it’s too late to do any roof repairs. By then, the roof’s condition will have damaged the house, and you’ll incur a lot more expenses.

Continuous maintenance of your roof is preferable to repairs, as prevention is always better than cure. The best preventative measures to spot problems with your roof requires you to have someone inspect the roof for signs of potential damage at least twice a year. Another area that will provide you with a good barometer for the condition of your roof is your attic.

Here are some warning signs that roof repair is necessary:

The state of your shingles or tiles

When the shingles of your house curl and crack, take this as an indication that they need to be replaced. Missing shingles are an obvious cause for concern.

If the shingles in a section of your roof or individual shingles show discoloration and appear darker and dirtier than others, do a damage inspection. These shingles are likely to be retaining water, and the trapped moisture will do serious damage to the interior of your roof.

Another place to check on the roof is where it connects to other structures, such as the chimney or a cooling or heating vent. The join can often be the first place to show evidence of damage. The sooner you spot this, the less likely you are to need a full roof replacement. Localized repairs in the early stages of the damage will do the job.

Check your gutters after a rainstorm to see if any shingle particles have run out of them. They are a sure sign that there has been a lot of wear and tear on the shingles, and that they need replacing. A roof repair Austin company can do a full inspection and offer their expert advice.

The condition of your exterior paintwork

Cracking and peeling paint are a compelling reason to do a roof inspection. Good quality paint will only blister and loosen if there is something wrong with the surface it is covering. Therefore, it is a warning that something is wrong with the shingles on your roof.

After it has rained, you should also check your gutters to see if they’re washing flecks of paint out. No matter how small they are, you should take them as a serious indication of a problem.

Evidence of water leaks on the ceilings and walls

A dripping ceiling or marks from water running down the interior walls of your house should alert you to a potential problem. Even the smallest sign of water leakages should be investigated immediately. This might not include the presence of water; discoloration of the ceiling or walls could be a sign of a roof leak.

Evidence from the attic

When you are inspecting your roof from the inside, there are some simple ways to determine if the state of your roof is deteriorating.

When you can see shafts of light in the attic coming from the roof, you may have some cracked or missing shingles. You should also be looking for evidence of water leaks after a downpour.

Damage to the rafters will have significant implications. If you find any, speedy action is required. Moisture in the rafters causes the wood to bow and weaken, and it could lead to a collapse of a section of the roof. You also need to check the rafters after a fire, as they might need replacement. Either way, damaged rafters threaten the integrity of the house’s structure and are a danger to you and your family.