We began by reflecting on our own knowledge of shapes. The students were asked to share what they already:

  • know about shapes
  • think about shapes
  • wonder about shapes

Some student questions that could drive our inquiry include:

  • What can we make if we put shapes together? (Miranda)
  • Why are shapes called shapes? (Reg)
  • Why are shapes not the same? (Kavel)
  • Could shapes ever look like animals? (Carlotta)
  • Are there shapes that have more than 10 angles? (Chanwoong)
  • Are there 4-dimensional shapes? (Chanwoong)
  • How many shapes are there? (Eunseong)
  • Who created shapes? (Seungje)
  • Do all shapes have corners? (Elena)
  • How many shapes are there in the world? (Hannah)
  • Why do we have shapes? (Sky)

To help us explore these wonderings further, we began to create shapes with toothpicks. The students were offered a challenge. The students were encouraged to use mathematical language to share their creations. As they described the shapes we began to document the vocabulary they used.

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