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Science Experiments at Home

Home Science Tools offers hundreds of free science projects that can be completed at home. The site also includes lesson tips and curriculum resources for science projects that are searchable by grade level. Home Science Tools was created to inspire learning and was intended specifically for homeschooling families. However, with virtual learning taking place around the world, Home Science Tools can be used to inspire students with easy to use projects. 

A popular project is to create a lava lamp. The scientific principles studied during this project are density and polarity. You need a clear bottle, oil, water, food coloring, and alka-seltzer.  The steps for completing this project are below (source). 

  1. Fill the bottle most of the way with oil
  2. Fill the rest with water – the water will sink to the bottom
  3. Add in drops of food-coloring
  4. Break an alka-seltzer tablet into several pieces and drop them in the bottle one at a time
  5. Watch your lava lamp begin to function. As the reaction slows, add more pieces of alka-seltzer

Watch the video below to see these steps in action. 


Image source, Photo by Alex Kondratiev on Unsplash

All other sourced information is hyperlinked as applicable above. 


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