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Focus: Communication Skills (Writing)

Salt Tray Writing
Sensory writing is a fun way for children to experience writing. The tips of your fingers are extremely sensitive. Therefore, writing in salt, sand, and rice can help children remember the shapes of letters, numbers, words and the strokes in different characters.

It is important to encourage children to be conscious of food waste. You can use regular kitchen salt or expired rice. The salt can be reused. Only a small amount is needed, and these sensory materials that can be saved for long periods of time if kept clean and dry. Please remember to wash your hands before and after using the salt writing tray.


Here are some resources you can use to explore writing.


Through these sensory writing experiences the children develop with following skills:

  • draw simple shapes
  • use correct top-to-bottom left-to-right directionality for letters, numbers and other symbols
  • establish handedness for writing

  • develop mature grip for crayon/pencil

  • experiment with various ways to move and produce marks

  • sit with good posture (furniture must fit child)

  • start letters at the top

  • trace capitals correctly, step by step

  • enjoy writing in play and activities

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