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Reclaim your Energy and Zest with Cool Essential Oil Diffusers

Humans are using plants as a source of healing more than ever today and in fact, aromatherapy is a fast-growing complementary therapy. The ancient Egyptians extracted oils from plants but Greek alchemists discovered how to distill oils through boiling and steaming.

Each oil has its own unique aroma and healing properties and we look at essential oil diffusers and their benefits.

Wonderful aromas diffused throughout your home

A diffuser, of which there are a few types such as heat and vapor, takes the wonderful smelling essential oils and spreads or diffuses these aromas throughout your home.

The oils are highly concentrated and apart from being used in massage, they are used as inhalers. Because the oils are natural volatile oils, it is important to do some research before using them at home. 

Breathe in new health

When it comes to essential oil diffusers, and any complementary medicine accessories for that matter, you shouldn’t have to battle knowing how to choose the best there is. From beautiful diffuser bracelet(s) to stylish stone jewelry and diffuser jewelry, Kumi provides comprehensive information on items that work at restoring health rather than curing sickness.

You’ll find amazing details on products that focus on vital forces or energies present in nature, coupled with information aimed at gleaning details about your state of mind, emotions, and lifestyle. Look at Kumi’s awesome Ultimate Diffuser Bundle, for instance, complete with an attractive stone white diffuser, 5 essential oils, two diffuser bracelets and an essential oil case.

With so much goodness being offered, you can fight back at the modern work and reclaim your energy and zest back.  

Which diffuser to use?

There are different diffusers and each one has its own advantages. They’re all simple to use and can be placed throughout your home. For instance, you get a heat diffuser that works much the same as an evaporative diffuser. Instead, they rely on heat to disperse the oils into the air, which they do silently and effectively.

There are different kinds of heat diffusers too – electric, candle warmer heat diffusers and lamp ring diffusers. If you invest in one of the best heat diffusers, you’ll find that the low temperatures evaporate the oil without altering the nature of the oils.  

Nebulizing diffuser

Unlike the heat diffuser, the nebulizing diffuser doesn’t use heat. Rather, they use cool, pressurized air to force the essential oil into an atomizer, where the oil molecules are broken into fine particles that are then dispersed as a mist into the air. 

The mere fact that no heat is required and the oil isn’t diluted makes it a sought-after diffuser as it delivers the oil in its purest form. Not only will you feel relaxed but inhaling the aromas can help with keeping flu and other illnesses at bay. 

The ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

This is also a popular essential oil diffuser as it uses water and electronic frequencies to form a mist. They operate by means of a battery or electricity. 

These diffusers are truly an amazing addition to your home as they look stylish while providing you with a host of health benefits that can seriously improve your quality of life. Those who have used the ultrasonic essential oil diffuser say that the whirr of the diffuser in your bedroom is both soothing and therapeutic and conducive to a relaxed, deep sleep.  

Essential oils are expensive, and whether it’s lavender, camomile, geranium, jasmine, sandalwood or one of the many others, essential oil users appreciate that these ultrasonic diffusers only use a small amount of essential oil, with no heat being used to bring about the mist. Some of these models can be used as a humidifier, which is useful to have.