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Reasons to Use a Pro Version of an Antivirus Program on Your Kids PC

Installing antivirus software on a computer is important if you want to protect it against viruses, malware, and other online threats. A virus can enter a system without the knowledge of the user, self-replicate and spread. Antivirus software can recognize a virus and remove it. 

It is impractical for parents to ban kids from using digital devices but the problem is that they can stumble into all kinds of trouble online. Using a pro version of antivirus software offers a number of advantages, like more security and better parental controls. 

More protection

When you have teenage kids, free antivirus software may not be enough to protect their PCs, especially if they use multiple devices. Paid versions offer extra features for advanced security. A system without good security is like a home with an open door. Antivirus software protects the computer and acts like a security guard to fend off unwanted intruders. It may combat many viruses in a day without the knowledge of the user.

When you have strong security, you may be subject to fewer cyber threats but you can still have errors. Errorwise offers advice on many errors you may encounter on a PC and how to fix them. 

Parental controls

The leading cybersecurity software providers offer more than standard detect-and-remove features. One of these features is parental control. 

Cybercriminals often target kids because they are less likely to be aware of online dangers. Kids are online more than ever today and may be subjected to predators, cyberbullies and phishing scammers. They may also access inappropriate content. 

Some parental controls allow parents to institute various measures to protect their children, such as blocking certain sites. Parents should let kids know that being online is a privilege and that they need to see where they go and what they do online for safety reasons. 

Protect against identity theft

Identity theft is when personal information is stolen and used for some sort of gain. Many adults have experienced identity theft but people don’t realize kids can experience it too. Minors are more likely than adults to become victims of familiar fraud, which means an identity thief is known to them. 

Adults may be targeted for their money but a kid’s identity provides a blank slate criminals can use to open new lines of credit before anyone catches on. Paid antivirus software is proactive rather than just reactive and can alert users about any suspicious activity. 

Block unsafe links and malware

Pop-up ads containing enticing offers are one of the ways cybercriminals can introduce malware or get kids to offer up private information. It is easy for a kid to click on an unsafe link in search of free music or games. You need to be able to block unsafe links and check all downloads for signs of malware. Simply by visiting a website, malicious programs can be automatically installed on your kid’s computer. 

By using a total security product, you can monitor all the computers in your home from your PC and adjust the security settings of each one individually. 

Prevent the use of spyware

Free antivirus software may lack firewalls. A firewall acts as a border between networks and controls the flow of data from one network or computer to another.

It is placed between that network that has to be protected and the less trusted outside network and blocks malicious traffic, like phishing attacks. A firewall can prevent the theft or unauthorized viewing of private data, such as through the use of spyware.