In Second Grade, we continue to work towards creating an environment where reading is valued, promoted, and supported.

We began by discussing the behaviours of readers.

  • What do great readers do?
  • How do readers choose their books?
  • How do we solve challenges while reading?
  • What strategies help us become stronger readers?
  • Why are these behaviours important?
  • What keeps us curious about reading?

Then, the students reflected on their own reading behaviours. They wrote their ideas down on paper. 

Next, we came together to share and document these ideas on chart paper.

We discussed the different ways we can ‘read’ and ‘choose’ books. We used the strategy ‘I-PICK’ to think about why and how we make choices about books.

Discussing the different feelings we have when we read books, helped us think more about ‘JUST RIGHT BOOKS’.

Then, we went to the library to practice these skills. We continue to work on developing our own reading behaviours, to learn and celebrate reading and learning through books.

We continue to wonder how we can create rich environments for readers.

  • What would a reading culture at school and home look like?
  • How can we create and maintain these spaces?

We talked about a perfect reading spot. What might this look like? We created a choice board to help us stay focused as we read each day.  


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