The students gathered to discuss ‘WHY’ we read.

We talked about the following statement:

‘Readers read to get smarter, and to learn about themselves, other people and the world.’


‘독자는 더욱 똑똑 해지기 위해 또한 자신, 다른 사람들 그리고 세상에 대해 배우기 위해 읽습니다.’


Goal: to become fluent readers

Strategy: Read Appropriate-Level Texts That Are a Good Fit.

Why Children Need This Strategy: “In order to read fluently, all readers need texts that they can read with a high degree of accuracy and automaticity. When readers are provided with texts that are too difficult, fluent reading is impossible” ( Allington 2009a, 26).

Next, we created two anchor charts to help us make good choices.

‘3 Ways to Read a Book’


During our time in the Library this morning, we provided students with time to find ‘good fit’ books.

We encouraged the students to reflect on the information we shared during our group discussion. Our goal is to encourage the students to makes these choices independently.

Students were introduced to their R.E.D. Log Book. They will use this book to record and reflect on their daily reading each day. Their R.E.D. Book Log needs to come into school each morning.

What are some of YOUR favourite books? What reading strategies work for you?

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