“Readers Grow Like Beanstalks!”

The students were invited to discuss this further. If we want to stay healthy and help our bodies grow, we need to provide our bodies with nourishment, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep. In Second Grade, we know that we get better at reading, when we read, read and read!

But how do we become better readers? How do we develop our comprehension, accuracy and fluency while expanding our vocabulary

We used the mentor text ‘Katie Woo Has the Flu‘ by Fran Manushkin, to help us learn more about developing as readers.

First, we had to decide ‘How the book wanted to be read‘.

We looked at the cover, the image, read the title, and discussed what we noticed. How should we read this book? Can we make any personal connections with the image on the cover? What emotions does the image and the title evoke? We discussed our prior knowledge and wondered how we might read this story.

Next, we read the ‘Back Blurb‘. Were there any clues about the story? How did the author and illustrator want THIS book to be read? 

Then, we read the ‘Table of Contents’. We discussed the title of each chapter, and the emotions and feelings these titles evoked. We decided how we wanted to read the book.

Then, we began to read the story…

As we read a few pages, we thought about the different strategies we had practiced during ‘Readers Workshop‘. We focused on our COMPREHENSION, and revisited three strategies that help us understand what we read. 

Next, we used post-it notes to tag a page that we wanted to share with the class during our ‘SHARE’, at the end of the lesson.

Here is Ms. Shemo’s Favourite page!

“This is my favourite page because…this picture reminds me of a time when I told the children that they won’t melt if they get caught in a slight drizzle!”

It was time to practice our strategies!!

We chose ‘Just Right Books‘ from our book tubs to practice our strategy. We know that reading books that are too hard does not help us develop and practice our reading.

We partnered up and reminded ourselves of the different behaviours when ‘Partner Reading’.

Reading Partners Work Together

  • we work as a team, sit side by side with a book in the middle, we take turns to read
  • we build good habits together by taking sneak peaks at the books and rereading books together
  • we may choral read or seesaw read
  • we give each other reminders about the different strategies we can use/try
  • we grow together through discussion
  •  we provide book introductions
  • we don’t just tell – we HELP!
  • we can do something at the end – reread, retell or share ideas

Finally, the students gathered at the meeting area to share their favourite pages, pictures or parts of the story they were reading. 

We continue to become better readers by practicing our reading! 

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