A group of children have been creating their own puppets. They have also been using props to retell or create their own stories.

We watched these stories to learn more about the process of creating stories.

Then, we also watched a puppet show called the very Hungry Caterpillar’.

We had a new app on the iPad that can help us create our own stories. We watched a few examples to learn more about it.

The Castle Animation

The Panda Animation

Felix decided to create his own animation by using the iPad app I Can Animate. During the process, Felix chose 4 settings for the different characters, he thought about the sequence of the story beforehand, he explored how to use the tool and figured out how to slow down the animation.

When he finished, he reflected on what he did and made a poster. This could be helpful when he teaches his friends how to make their own animation.

Over the last few weeks, the children have been gathering around the writing table, creating puppets as they talk about their stories and characters.

They were planning their ‘shows’ and wondered who to partner up with to share their stories. They drew their characters, cut them out and pasted them on to popsicle sticks independently.

Through these activities the children develop their self-management skills as they persevere through this process.

Working together in this way helps the children get to know each other. This results in increased social awareness and an ability to work within a community.

When they were done, a few children partnered up and recorded their puppet shows.

Rainbow Puppets and Sunflower Show’ By @N and @F

‘Rainbow Puppets and Sunflower Show’ by Charlotte and Michelle

These puppet shows were presented in English and Mandarin. Through these projects, the children have explored different ways to create, communicate and express their ideas and stories.

Through these experiences, the children had opportunities to:

  • engage with, and enjoy a variety of visual arts experiences
  • select tools, materials and processes for specific purposes
  • use their imagination and experiences to inform their art making
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